"-and then you called me ‘Toots’ and I was just like, naaaaah…"


"I know, amazing right?"

"More like amazing that you didn’t punch me unconscious."

"Shoot, yeah! That could’ve saved a bunch of hassle… Okay, ‘you ever do it again and I’ll straight-up exorcise you with a fist to the face. Deal?"



me each time I see this screenshot…. nah honestly, it will be the cutest tutorial in the history of video games! >:o


i’m so excited for hoenn round 2!!
commissions are open

ugh i just woke up and my voice is a trainwreck… i can’t speak normally at all it’s scratchy and all over the place D:

Because he was freaking Pikachu, Pikachu is the role model of our childhood, so seeing him look gay is wrong.


Buneary, please I understand your feelings!! But what you said sounds homophobic. You poor thing, I know you don’t realize it but Dawn will be unhappy if she hears you.

May I request a Watchog?